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SEO Firm in Lambs, Michigan

Twenty years ago, companies paid for graphic design and layout, and spent hundreds of dollars printing a brochure to represent their company. After all of that effort and expense, what would you think if you heard they never took the brochures out of the box, or never distributed any of the brochures to prospective clients?

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SEO Firm
SEO Firm

SEO Firm in Lambs, MI

Fast forward to today's business world. Suppose that you spent hundreds of dollars to create a stellar web site. The graphics are vivid; they jump off the page. The copy sounds relevant and persuasive. Everything is good, right?

Not so fast.

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The best SEO (search engine optimization) firm would caution you to think again. Even if you have the best-looking web site in the world, if you can't get people to your site then it's all for nothing. A SEO marketing firm that knows their stuff will get people "in your door. " The copy they write for each page of your site will be geared not only to your prospects but to the search engines as well.

SEO Firm
SEO Firm

Lambs SEO Firm

  • What are the specific methods they will use to get visitors to your site?
  • Who will be writing you SEO copy, and what is his/her track record?
  • How long will it take to get traffic to your site?
SEO Firm

A professional SEO firm will also
initiate a discussion about keywords.

They will ask you about your target markets. Specifically, what type of customers you want to visit your site? Before you meet with your local SEO firm, it's a good idea to write down a list of five to 10 keywords you think would be good to include in the copy. Think of these keywords as funnels that "funnel in" the exact people you'd give your right arm to have in front of you to explain the benefits of your business.

If the company you're interviewing is the best SEO firm for your business, they will take the time to explain how SEO works. They will involve you in the process of strategizing about your site.

Another important point: a SEO company that's worth your money will also not promise you the moon from day one. They will be frank and realistic about how fast you'll see results. It takes at least a few months to drive traffic to a site organically, that is, through the words on your web site alone, without paid web advertising to help.

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Do you like the people that work at the SEO firm? Do they seem to be genuinely interested in you and in your business success? Building an effective web site takes teamwork. Choose your partners carefully.

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